How this works

Panda Press is an online marketplace platform that allows small businesses and creative individuals to showcase and sell their personalised products directly to you! The first and biggest marketplace in South Africa specifically created for buying and selling personalised goods!

What better way to celebrate their uniqueness than a completely customised, one-of-a kind gift!

By purchasing from Panda Press, you are supporting local South African small businesses. All of the vendors on our marketplace have been vetted and approved by Panda Press for your peace of mind.

Choose from the wide array of personalised products from our vendors or create your own design using our online designer tool. Just click on ‘Design your own’ to get started! You can upload your own photos, clipart or artwork, get them printed on one of our many products and delivered directly to you.


What is an online marketplace:

Panda Press is an online marketplace. An online marketplace is basically a big online store where you can buy directly from many different people and businesses. It’s the online version of the real-world, traditional ‘flea market’ where you would go on a Sunday to purchase items from many different traders. When you shop at a flea-market, you buy directly from the traders. The online marketplace is the online version of the flea-market and our vendors are the online version of flea-market traders! Panda Press itself does not make or sell any products – Panda Press is only the online platform that allows many different traders / vendors to sell their goods to you directly.

Your peace of mind

Panda Press cares a great deal about the quality and service that you receive from our vendors. For your peace of mind, each of our vendors is pre-vetted and approved prior to being able to sell their goods via Panda Press.

By purchasing on Panda Press, you are buying directly from the vendor. Panda Press only provides the platform for vendors to sell and is not responsible for the purchase you have made from the vendor. Each vendor has their own terms and conditions on their storefront and their own delivery times and methods. Any questions on products, praise or complaints should be directed directly to the vendor via the ‘contact vendor’ button on their store or product page.

Should you not be 100% satisfied with the quality or service received from any of our vendors, please contact us. Through a process of arbitration, Panda Press reserves the right to decide whether to remove the Vendor from the Panda Press marketplace. Vendors that do not comply with our service and quality standards will be removed from Panda Press.