why sell with us

Panda Press is about giving small businesses the platform to sell their goods online. It is a single online e-commerce marketplace where many different sellers can sell their products via one online store.


Create your own online mini store

You can create your own independent online mini store and load your products for a nominal usage fee of R150 per month. No commitment. You can cancel anytime. The only time Panda Press charges you anything other than your monthly fee is when you sell your product. We only succeed if you succeed! Panda Press will deduct a maximum of 15% off your sales (12% Commission plus 3% payment gateway) depending on your chosen vendor plan. No other hidden costs.


We do the marketing for you

Reach a wider audience via Panda Press than if you had to run your own online store. We do all the complicated SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketing so you don’t have to! We have the advantage of volume and size in the South African market place and can give small business owners the access they need to a large customer base without the cost and complexity.


Your focus is in the right place

We provide you with the online selling platform and do all the admin that comes with having an online store, so you can focus on your products and orders instead of worrying about website development or online marketing. Selling products via an online store also removes the backwards and forwards between you and your customers on order specifics, payment follows-ups etc.


Close your online store when you are on holiday or sick

You can easily put your online store in vacation mode when you are ill or on holiday so that orders do not come in while you unable to fulfil them. Perfect for the small one-person business!


Easy for your customer to speak directly to you

Panda Press has a simple built in messaging tool. Customers that are interested in your product can contact you directly via Panda Press from your product page or from your storefront to ask you questions. You respond when you are able (just like whatssapp or email). This has been proven to vastly improve conversion rates (Turning customers that are just browsing to customers that are actually buying from you!)


Secure online payments

Your free online mini store comes complete with secure online payments. Your customers can buy from you and pay using their credit cards or via EFT using the Panda Press secure payment gateway (Payfast). Panda Press tracks all payments and pays out your revenue weekly to your bank account (minus commission and payment gateway charge).


Automated shipping charges and cheaper courier fees

Set up your preferred shipping / courier methods only once upfront. Thereafter, the system will calculate all your shipping costs per order and charge the customer automatically when they check out of your store. Benefit from lower courier fees negotiated by Panda Press on behalf of all our vendors


Launch your own online store in minutes with no upfront costs!

Quickly and easily complete the vendor application online form.

Set up your own customised mini store in minutes with your own logo, your own company description, your own terms and conditions, shipping and load an unlimited amount of your products for sale.You also get your own URL for your mini store which you can share on your social media or other marketing material to direct your customers to your online mini store where they can buy your products.

This means that you get your own online store with absolutely no set up costs, no dealing with complex IT systems, payment gateways, software programmers etc etc ! We do it all for you.


Stock control, low stock notifications

You can track your inventory per product so you always know the exact number of items you have in stock. If a product is out of stock, you can choose to hide out of stock items, allow customers to buy in advance and allow customers to sign up for a notification when the product is available again. You will also receive low stock notifications in advance so you can re-order stock.


Order notifications directly to your email

You don’t have to sit in front of the system to know that an order has come in. Order notifications will be instantly emailed to you to notify you about a new order. Go about your day, and be informed when an order comes in.


No commitment

There are no commitments or contracts. If it’s not working for you, you can close your mini store on Panda Press at any time with no charges except for the last month in which you cancel.


Loyalty programs

Encourage customers to buy more and shop regularly. You can launch loyalty programs via a built-in "Reward points" system. It lets customers earn and spend points for purchases.


Have multiple administrators

As you grow, give your staff administrative access to your online store with different levels of administrator access.


Comments and Reviews

Get comments and reviews from your customers with an interactive star rating. Customers can comment and rate your products, categories, and orders.


Mobile enabled mini store

Your online mini store is mobile enabled so people can purchase from you using their desktop PC’s or their mobile phones.


Bypass the cost of warehousing

Other marketplaces require that you create stock and store your goods in their warehouse for a fee. This is not an option for personalised products. Panda Press specifically caters for personalised products and so allows you to ship directly to your customer without the cost of warehousing and transport in between.


Manage your business with the easy to use dashboard

Your mini store comes with an easy to use dashboard where you can keep track of all your orders, your shipments, your income, commissions paid etc. See statistics about your sales and your customers. Advanced search capability so you can easily search your orders or products.